Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another Machine Stitched Book Page

I worked on the third page for my machine stitched book. The instructions for this one was to have areas with minimal stitching, areas with moderate stitching and then small areas with very dense stitching.

 Here is the 'sandwich' that started the process. I used white nylon organza fused to the back of felt. The felt had been previously painted with Dye-na-Flow paint and the top layer is dyed silk organza. The layers are basted together.
 Next, I followed the organic lines that were formed in the dyeing of the silk organza and free motion stitched the layers together. I cut back some of the areas of silk organza to leave painted felt.
 Then I added stitching. I haven't finished the edges yet because I'm trying to decide if I should add a touch of yellow. I don't want to over stitch the piece and I should have added yellow earlier to integrate it in. I might just leave it as is.

There is a lot of surface texture since the dense stitching really compresses the felt so the more lightly stitched areas puff up a bit. Now I have to decide what I am going to do for the remaining two pages. My choice, hmmmm......

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Donna said...

Very cool! I like all the texture.