Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cutting Away

I did a little more stitching on the machine cut back applique this morning before work. Then when I had a few minutes, I cut back the layers of organza.

Here is the piece after I cut back on the right side around the organic shapes I had sewn. It's pretty dull and those really light blue lines bother me. The look white and they stick out. I thought perhaps the dark stitching would knock them back a bit but that just didn't do it.

So I added some Inktense pencil and marker. It still isn't doing much for me but the white stitching lines are gone. The colors are a little more exciting. I need to add some more dark blue. I guess I'll do that on that unstitched part on the left. I still have another one of these to do and I think I'm going to go into an entirely different direction with that one.

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