Thursday, March 7, 2013

Interlaced Insertion Stitch

Today I tried the interlaced insertion stitch. I found it painful. First you do a double herringbone stitch between the edges and then you interlace it. When you do the herringbone, there is a certain way you are supposed to take the threads underneath each other as you stitch. I think I did this part wrong because when I tried to interlace following the instructions, it didn't work. I had to go in different directions to make it work than what the instructions showed.

 Here is the double herringbone. I decided to take the stitch right through the fold. That was my first mistake.
 I did mark little dots so I could get the stitch even.  I had difficulty tying the ending knot in the fold. If I do this again, which is doubtful, I would take a stitch in the edge.
 Then I took an orange thread and interlaced the herringbone stitch. Here it doesn't look so bad.
 But when you look in a closer view, the interlacing is really messed up.
The instructions said to use a thinner thread for interlacing but I think size 12 compared to size 5 was too much of a difference. I have tried all the interlacing stitches so next up for these little books is putting in pages. I have several ideas of how to do this so more sampling to come.

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