Friday, March 15, 2013

Two More Machine Stitched Book Pages

Today I worked on my last two pages of my machine stitched book and started on the binding. I also picked up some wool from my friend Paula that she is donating for the yurt project. I will take it with me tomorrow with the rest of the wool to the mill to be processed.
Here is the page that I showed you yesterday with all the drizzle stitch completed.
 You can see that the zigzag stitch draws the felt up quite a bit. That is one of the reasons that I did the stitches in the vertical direction. I knew I was going to add satin stitch in the other direction and I hoped the two would counteract the forces of the stitching to prevent too much buckling.
 Here is the finished page after I added satin stitch lines. The edge definitely got a little stretched with satin stitch. The felt is just not quite stiff enough to hold up to that type of edging.
 Here is the second page I worked on. I decided to cut this one down a bit as all the pages are different sizes in the book. This one is mainly cable stitch done with automatic stitches. I really like the bold line of the cable stitch.
 I got a little off on one of my rows and decided I didn't like it. So I cut it out of the middle and rejoined the two pieces by butting them up together and stitching with a joining stitch. Now I have a folding page! This started all kinds of possibilities roaming in my brain.
Here are the beginnings of the binding pieces.
 I got one "decorated" but still have the others to finish.
 When I went to take some photos by the window, this is what I found. A lovely shadow from the lace curtains. I might have to use this in Photoshop as a background layer for something.

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