Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Working Italian Insertion Stitch

I got started working the Italian Insertion Stitch. It is actually fairly easy once you get started. It looks complex but is made by alternating buttonhole stitches on each side at an angle and then covering the prior buttonhole stitch with four detached buttonhole stitches.

The top three stitches are a bit muddled but then it got better after I got started. I actually think this would look better if I had left more space between each stitch so you could see more of the diagonal movement of  the stitch. I really like these insertion stitches. They were originally used to insert fancy pieces of fabric into clothing. But they make excellent bindings for small books. I want to use insertion stitches with hand made felt books. More of these to come!


Anonymous said...

I like this insertion stitch - until you explained it I couldn't work out how it was done.

shirley said...

I have used this a lot to join the sides of pretty bags, never thought to use it this way. What a good idea.