Sunday, April 7, 2013

Refashioning a Bag

Sometimes at the store, I have items that just don't seem to sell well. If I've had them for a long time and they won't sell even if they're marked down, I try to get creative and do something to make the item sell better. That is what happened with this bag. It is a woven bag and originally was a "backpack" bag. It had the straps sewn to both ends so it could be worn as a backpack. The way the straps were attached, I was able to cut them from the bottom and then just tie them together to make a longer strap on the bag so it can be worn over the shoulder. Then I added those orange crocheted bits that I showed you last time.

 Here's the bag now. I added more texture and it definitely brightened it up. I used blanket stitch to attach the middle ring portion to the bag.
 Here's the back. It kind of has a floral feel to it but not specific flowers.
Here you can see the weave, it's got great colors and the crocheted bits really bring out the orange lines. Now to see if it will sell. I have at least 5-6 more of these bags, not all the same shape and colors but if this works, I may embellish the others as well.

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